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Next courses start week commencing 10th January 2022.
12-week course: £140

Small Group Classes (4-10 students)
Qualified and Experienced Teachers.
Friendly Atmosphere.

These are live, interactive classes. The teacher presents and shares lesson content, then you have the opportunity to practise the language with both the teacher and fellow students in fun ways.


A1 : Beginner – no previous experience of learning Russian, a complete beginner’s course.
A1.2 : Beginner 2 – have studied the Russian alphabet, can read and write in Russian, know some everyday vocabulary and genders of nouns.
A2 : Pre-Intermediate – have studied the Russian alphabet, can read and write in Russian, know genders and plural of nouns. Can understand accusative case of nouns and endings for 2 groups of verbs.
B1 : Intermediate – have studied genders, plural, cases of nouns and pronouns; adjectives and adverbs; verbs of motion and perfective and imperfective aspects of the verbs.

*Course Content – typical areas of focus are:

Beginner Download example syllabus
Topics: Greetings, family, numbers/days/months, daily routine.
Grammar: Alphabet, pronunciation, reading & writing rules, verbs in present tense, subject pronouns, masculine, feminine, neuter, conjunction ‘A’, plural.
Pre-Intermediate Download example syllabus
Topics: Time expressions, plans & upcoming events, going out and invitations, Russian mythology and fairytale characters, telephone conversations.
Grammar: Past tense of verbs, future complex tense, prepositional case, accusative case, verbs of movement, genitive case.
Intermediate Download example syllabus

*Please note, course content will vary depending on course teacher and course book content.
No refunds are given for classes not attended once a course has begun (Courses can be cancelled and refunded up to 5 days before their start)

We aim to help you to learn in an informal, comfortable environment. The course will focus on all aspects of the Russian language and introduce you to elements of Russian culture. You will learn the Russian alphabet and practise pronunciation as well as learning by reading, listening, speaking and through games and activities.

Russian Teachers

Liubov Bakhmatova

My personal passion for Russian language and literature became my profession. I have got a Master’s degree in teaching Russian language and literature, specialising in teaching Russian as a foreign language (Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia and Saint-Petersburg Pedagogical College of N.A.Nekrasov). I delight in unveiling the richness of Russian language and culture.

Russian Beginner

Russian Beginner Course.
Thursday evenings (7-8.30pm)
12-week course.
for complete beginners

Russian Pre-Int

Russian Pre-Intermediate Course.
Monday evenings (6-7.30pm)
12-week course.
Level A2

Out of stock
Russian Intermediate

Russian Intermediate Course.
Wednesday evenings (7-8.30pm)
12-week course.
Level B1 +


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