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courses start week commencing 16th September.

12-week course: £140


A1 : Beginner – this course is designed for people with no previous experience of learning Japanese, a complete beginner’s course.
A1.2 : Beginner 2 – this course is for people who have studied some Japanese (20 hours or equivalent)
A2 : Pre-Intermediate – this is designed for people who have studied 40+ hours of Japanese or equivalent

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The beginner course is an introductory course for Japanese beginner learners. It aims to create an interactive and engaging environment to equip learners with communicative competence in their daily life. Japanese writing system of Hiragana and Katakana, daily topics, and basic language knowledge and culture knowledge are covered, and learners would be given opportunities to practice using the language through a series of communicative practice activities. Textbook: Japanese from Zero 1 shall be used for reference.

*Course Content – typical areas of focus are:

Beginner Download example syllabus
Topic: Japanese culture, greetings & introductions, times/days/numbers, weather, likes & dislikes, food, directions, shopping, transport, holidays and hobbies.
Grammar: Question formation, adjectives, nouns, verb tenses, adverbs.
Writing Systems: Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji.

Learning outcomes
On completion of this course, learners are expected to be able to:
1. Read and write Hiragana and Katakana characters.
2. Use basic grammatical knowledge through sentence constructions, and make own dialogues given in context.
3. Be familiar with daily expressions and frequent vocabulary in the topics introduced.
4. Engage in small groups for conversation to exchange information and solve possible problems in Japanese.

Beginner 2 Download example syllabus
Pre-Intermediate Download example syllabus
*Please note, course content will vary depending on course teacher and course book content.
No refunds are given for classes not attended once a course has begun (Courses can be cancelled and refunded up to 5 days before their start)


Hiromi MacMillan

I am a Japanese native speaker teacher, who would like to introduce Japanese and Japanese culture.

Grace Ma

I am a Japanese teacher with a bachelor degree in Liberal Studies with Japanese minor. I have taught Japanese for 3 years. I have taught all age groups and have always been very passionate about teaching Japanese.

Bowie Sze

I have been teaching Japanese for over 7 years. I have taught Diploma and Advanced Diploma syllabus, Japanese for Overseas Studies and adult’s and children’s courses in schools and colleges. I am passionate about teaching and I love to see my students broaden their horizons and get to grips with Japanese culture by learning the language.