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French Beginner

French Beginner Course.
Wednesdays (7-8.30pm)
The Lewis School.
for complete beginners (A1)

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French Pre-Int

French Pre-Intermediate Course.
Mondays (7-8.30pm)
The Lewis School.
Level: A2

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French Intermediate

French Intermediate Course.
Tuesdays (7-8.30pm)
The Lewis School.
Level: B1

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April courses start week commencing 19th. 12-week course: £155

We are tentatively offering face to face courses, with Covid safe measures and fewer students in class.


A1 : Beginner – no previous experience of learning French, a complete beginner’s course.
A1.2 : Beginner 2 – have studied a little French before, can conjugate basic verbs in the present tense, form simple sentences and know vocabulary for everyday situations.
A2 : Pre-Intermediate– can conjugate verbs in the present tense, have seen past and future tenses and know enough vocabulary to form sentences and hold a simple conversation
B1 : Intermediate – can conjugate verbs in the past, present and future tenses and can hold a conversation in French.
B1 +: Higher Intermediate – can communicate about a variety of topics well in French.

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    *Course Content– typical areas of focus are:

    Beginner Download example syllabus
    Topics: Introductions. jobs, family, food & drink, time/day/month, daily routine & free time, directions, hotel, transport.
    Grammar: Regular and irregular verbs (er, ir & re) negation, possessive adjective, introduction to reflexive verbs.
    Beginner 2 Download example syllabus
    Topics: Free time, places in town, passé de bonnes vacances, shopping; clothes & prices, weather, health.
    Grammar: Revision of verbs in present tense; passé composé; imparfait; pronouns; imperative; articles; prepositions of place.
    Pre-intermediate Download example syllabus
    Topics: Holidays, describing people and places, travelling – planning a trip, getting around the town, shopping: banks & travel agents.
    Grammar: Revision of verbs in past and present, perfect tense, On peut + infinitive, future tense. Review question formation.
    Intermediate Download example syllabus
    Topics: French objects and current affairs, cars, tourism, science, technology, environment.
    Grammar: Revision of imperfect and future tenses, conditional and subjonctif, cause and effect, adverbs.
    Higher-Intermediate Download example syllabus
    Topics: French topical articles and discussion topics (au courant)
    Grammar: Emerging vocabulary and grammar addressed and revised/taught when necessary.

    *Please note, course content will vary depending on course teacher and course book content.
    No refunds are given for classes not attended once a course has begun (Courses can be cancelled and refunded up to 5 days before their start)

    We aim to help you to learn French in a fun, comfortable environment. Our highly professional teachers are qualified, experienced and talented. Our courses use many different resources to help you learn and set aims and objectives to focus on helping you to make progress. You will listen to audio excerpts, watch short video clips, read interesting stories and articles. You will learn grammar through practice exercises, both written and spoken. Phrases are introduced and students are encouraged to practise by speaking in small groups

    French Teachers

    Catherine Yeates

    Hi my name is Catherine and I taught in local secondary schools for 14 years before recently having a career change. I have visited France many times and know the Vendee region especially well but I have also lived in Normandy and Burgundy for short periods. As my class can confirm, my knowledge about France is diverse (even eclectic) and we have had discussions about everything from politics to the Tour de France. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of language and culture and hope that my students increase their understanding of France as well as the French language.

    Jon Harris

    My name is Jonathon (or Jon) and I have taught languages for a number of years. I have previously lived in the South West of France, spending six years there as a teenager! I have also lived in Italy. I am enthusiastic about teaching, as well as learning, languages and enjoy helping others to develop their language skills, while also learning about culture.