“The class yesterday with Daisy was great. I enjoyed how we got stuck straight in and made the most of the time too. It flew by!

I’m looking forward to next week already!”Matthew Priestly, Southampton

“Catherine is a very engaging teacher and I felt I learned quite a bit.”Carole McVeigh, Southampton
“Jon has been a brilliant teacher, he’s friendly, polite, helpful and most of all patient with us! I would highly recommend to anyone else who wanted to do this course.”Zoe Russell, Southampton
“I am very impressed with the way you have moved to online so quickly and with the way that Soraya handled the online class so professionally.”Lorraine Estelle, Winchester
“Thank you for an enjoyable course…I always look forward to my Tuesday evenings!”Alan Vandome, Southampton
“I continue to find these classes informative and enjoyable, and would wish to continue them into the summer term if possible.”Alan Tyler, Southampton
“This is better than the German class I was attending last year at the University of Southampton. I liked how Svetlana conducted the whole lesson in German.”Carrie Powers, Southampton
“I very much like Christine and thought her lesson was challenging (which is a good thing!) and structured. I look forward to my future classes.”Emily Rogers, Winchester
“Christine is ‘merveileuse’! We had a really splendid time last evening. She had prepared so much for us and it was completely systematic. Without reservation, super. Thank you. I’ve so enjoyed the French Intermediate Class with Christine this last term. She’s been simply fabulous.”Penny Monro, Winchester
“May I say once again how super the course has been and all gratitude to Amal…a fabulous teacher.”Sharon Hallis, Winchester
“I really enjoyed the class and found Chiara an excellent teacher. The students were very warm and welcoming too.”Debbie Myers, Winchester
“I really enjoyed the course and would like to thank Giulia for her patience, hard work and making the lessons interesting for us and giving us a feel of Italy beyond the language.”Tim Chantler, Southampton
“Soraya was an excellent teacher and did a great job in tailoring the sessions to disparate abilities and knowledge levels.
She was warm and charming and was able to involve everyone easily without causing embarrassment or pressure and by interspersing with ‘day to day’ elements she brought the course to life.”Anthony Hawkins, Winchester
“I enjoyed the course immensely and have already signed up for the next one. Svetlana is a brilliant teacher.”Joy Pilbeam, Southampton
“I enjoy the class very much and look forward to starting again in a couple of weeks.” (French class with Emilie)Emily Rogers, Winchester
“Daniel really did make the evening classes I did attend enjoyable”Robert Smith, Southampton
“Svetlana has sent me the work and has very efficiently explained it. The course is going well, and I felt confident enough to be able to try to reply to her in German, probably with some mistakes however! “Mike, Southampton
“I loved it and am amazed how much I learned. Brilliant class, thank you. “Val Bishop, Southampton (BSL)
“Christelle was great fun and I felt that she pitched the lesson just right, I certainly learnt quite a bit. It was a nice relaxed atmosphere and exactly what I was hoping for.”Sue Woodhouse, Winchester
“I am very pleased I agreed to sign up for Thursday classes.
We are fortunate in having a superb teacher in Marzia Galvan.”Alexander Irvine-Fortescue, Winchester
“Elliot is a brilliant teacher and has been such a help to me with the advancement of my French.”Lois Young, Winchester
“Elliot has been brilliant this term and facilitated all the lessons with interest and humour. We have all learned a lot and now will be able to consolidate in the holiday.”Nick Goff, Winchester
“Thank you so much for amazing classes and allowing me to learn a new language 🙂 “Kinga Wieclawek, Southampton
“Laura’s classes were excellent!
I would like to put on record my thanks to Laura for her patience and for making the classes most enjoyable evenings. “FRED WHITE, WINCHESTER
“The course is v good and well presented. I like that Emmanuela speaks only in Italian. It sets an expectation that we all seem to meet..”FRANK, WINCHESTER
“Cannot fault it. Marie-Laurence on her usual great form, very helpful and supportive.”CHRIS, WINCHESTER
“The class went really well, I got a lot out of it. Fran is great fun and a really good teacher.”PIPPA, WINCHESTER
“This has been a very good course with an excellent teacher. Thank you very much for providing these classes – I have already recommended them to friends.”JOHN, WINCHESTER
“Can I say how much I have enjoyed taking part in the classes! Adriana really is a great teacher, and the other students have been lovely. It’s been a joy to take part.”JADE, SOUTHAMPTON
“I’m still very much enjoying Paty’s lessons, she really has an ability to make learning fun.”JACQUELINE, SOUTHAMPTON
“You’re a great teacher and I enjoyed your lessons!”MARK, SOUTHAMPTON
“Tecla is a lovely teacher and I enjoyed the classes.”PAUL, SOUTHAMPTON
“Astrid is a super teacher and covers bits of culture as well where they are relevant to the language.”MIKE, SOUTHAMPTON
“I really enjoyed the course and Astrid was great. She was very good, understanding and friendly and was just what I hoped for.”ANDREW, SOUTHAMPTON
” I really enjoyed the Spanish course with Ruth on Saturday, I think we all did.” JACQUELINE, PORTSMOUTH