Basingstoke – Evening Language Courses for Adults


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Courses take place
Monday-Thursday 7-8.30pm.

12-week courses – £129.00 + VAT (£154.80)

Class Locations – BASINGSTOKE

The White Hart (function room), London Road, Basingstoke, RG21 4AE

The Red Lion (meeting room), Red Lion Lane, Basingstoke, RG21 7LX


Level Guide

  • Connector.Connector.

    Beginner - A1

    No previous experience, a complete beginner’s course.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Beginner 2 - A1.2

    Have studied a little before (20-40 hours), can conjugate basic verbs in the present tense, form simple sentences and know vocabulary for everyday situations.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Pre-Intermediate - A2

    Can conjugate verbs in the present tense, have seen past and future tenses and know enough vocabulary to form sentences and hold a simple conversation

  • Connector.Connector.

    Intermediate - B1

    Have studied 100+ hours, can use tenses fairly confidently and hold a conversation.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Higher Intermediate - B1+

    Can communicate well on a variety of topics.