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Southampton evening language courses

Foreign Language Film Evenings

Seating is on comfy chairs
and sofas, tea and coffee

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Winchester Evening Language Courses

Conversation Groups

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Basingstoke Evening Language Courses

Live Online Courses

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Helping Adults to Learn New Languages

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    Do we need to learn another language?

    We are lucky that English is the language the most people speak and want to learn, but does that mean we don’t need to learn another language?

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    Speaking someone else’s native language

    helps us to communicate and make friends, as well as learn about other cultures, creating connections and enhancing personal development and business opportunities.

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    Our qualified, professional and friendly teachers

    will set linguistic targets and aims to help you achieve your goals. The venues are chosen to be comfortable and inviting. The classes are small to assist your learning by allowing the teacher to focus on you as an individual.

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week courses

What our students say

“Svetlana has sent me the work and has very efficiently explained it. The course is going well, and I felt confident enough to be able to try to reply to her in German, probably with some mistakes however! “Mike, Southampton

“This has been a very good course with an excellent teacher. Thank you very much for providing these classes – I have already recommended them to friends.”JOHN, WINCHESTER

Class locations

Class locations – SOUTHAMPTON

The Ascension Centre, 1 Thorold Road, Southampton, SO18 1HZ

Lewis School of English, 33 Palmerston Rd, Southampton SO14 1LL

Harbour Lights, Ocean Village, Maritime Walk, Southampton SO14 3TL

The White Star Tavern, Oxford Street, Southampton SO14 3DJ


Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry St, Winchester SO23 8SB

St. James Tavern, 3 Romsey Rd, Winchester SO22 5BE

Winchester Royal Hotel, St Peter Street, Winchester SO23 8BS

English Naturally, 19 City Business Centre, Winchester SO23 7TA

Communicate With The World

Speaking someone else’s native language helps us to communicate, as well as creating cultural connections and enhancing business and trade.

Our brains are dynamic structures, changing in response to new experiences. Learning a language in later life can delay cognitive decline even more than being bilingual during our youth.

Our brains actually grow when we learn a language and that speaking it fluently gives us better memories.

Learning a new language is hard, but never impossible. It requires motivation and should be treated as a logic puzzle that is a fun and creative long-term investment as well as a gateway to broadening our horizons.