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French Classes

Event Hours(4)

  • Monday

    07:00 pm - 08:30 pm

    Beginner Discovery Centre
    Pre-Intermediate Discovery Centre

  • Tuesday

    07:00 pm - 08:30 pm

    Beginner 2 Winchester Royal

  • Wednesday

    07:00 pm - 08:30 pm

    Intermediate Discovery Centre

  • Saturday

    10:15 am - 12:15 pm

    Beginner / Beginner 2 / Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate
    Discovery Centre
    (9-week course)

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11-week course: £121

Courses start week commencing 8th January.

We aim to help you to learn French in a fun, comfortable environment. Our highly professional teachers are all qualified, expereicned and talented. Our courses use many different resources to help you learn and set aims and objectives to focus on helping you to make progress. You will listen to audio, watch short video clips, read interesting stories and articles. You will learn grammar through practice exercises, both written and spoken. Phrases are introduced and students are encouraged to practise by speaking in small groups

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A1 : Beginner – this course is designed for people with no previous experience of learning Spanish, a complete beginner’s course.
A1.2 : Beginner 2 – this course is for people who have studied a little Spanish (20 hours or equivalent)
A2 : Pre-Intermediate – this course is for people who have studied 40-80 hours of Spanish or equivalent.
B1 : Intermediate – students have studied 80+ hours and can hold a conversation in Spanish.

*Course Content – typical areas of focus are:

Topics: Introductions. jobs, family, food & drink, time/day/month, daily routine & free time, directions, hotel, transport.
Grammar: Regular and irregular verbs (er, ir & re) negation, possessive adjective, introduction to reflexive verbs.
Beginner 2
Topics: Free time, places in town, passé de bonnes vacances, shopping; clothes & prices, weather, health.
Grammar: Revision of verbs in present tense; passé composé; imparfait; pronouns; imperative; articles; prepositions of place.
Topics: Holidays, describing people and places, travelling – planning a trip, getting around the town, shopping: banks & travel agents.
Grammar: Revision of verbs in past and present, perfect tense, On peut + infinitive, future tense. Review question formation.
Topics: French objects and current affairs, cars, tourism, science, technology, environment.
Grammar: Revision of imperfect and future tenses, subjonctif, cause and effect, adverbs, pronouns y et en.

*Please note, course content will vary depending on course teacher and course book content.
No refunds are given for classes not attended once a course has begun (courses can be cancelled up to 5 days before their start)


French Teachers

Marie-Laurence Lambrecht

Born in a multi-lingual home (French-speaking mother, Dutch-speaking father) language has always been a family theme. This also led me to pursue a master’s degree in Sinology. Upon returning from an exchange year in China I also obtained a master´s degree ‘Specific Language Teaching
Programme’ in addition to a postgraduate degree ‘Teaching Dutch as a Foreign Language’. I have since been teaching French, Dutch and Chinese
mainly at university, but also at high schools, evening schools and in companies. Since April 2016, I have been teaching French for Modern Languages and Lifelong Learning at the University of Southampton. In my classes I prioritise conversation and interaction.

Karen Caws

have been a teacher since 2000, but started teaching languages when I took a specialist language teaching course and moved to France in 2009. I stayed 4 years, learnt French and taught lots of English! I fell in love with the French language and the culture. Since moving back to Southampton, I have started teaching French and love helping people on their journey to speaking French. I see language learning as a lifelong journey that you can dip in and out of and learn through a variety of methods throughout life, although an organised class is a great place to start.

Elliott Somosierra-Tschudi

Born of joint Swiss and Spanish nationality into the ex-French protectorate of Morocco, I am a native french speaker who can offer first hand, in-depth cultural and linguistic knowledge of what makes up modern day France. After completing my Masters 1 in France, I have moved to Southampton to put my academic training into practise and fulfil my passion for capturing peoples interest in learning a language. For me, learning a language is a life changing experience and I above all want to show people the exciting opportunities it can lead to! I have experience with different styles of teaching, in both England and France, so I can tailor make the classes to the needs of the participants.